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Body Love

An embodied woman is a force.


So why is it that we get so messed up about our bodies?! Well first let's just call this out here at the jump; we're living in a beauty myth, and myth of perfection (especially as women). We're told what we should look like, how we should eat, how we should exercise, and so much more. We make our self care another thing to check off a list so we can feel like we're doing it "right." So then what happens? When we don't fit the ideal or when we get off course, we feel guilt + shame. It's impossible to make healthy, aligned, SUSTAINABLE change from this place. The unhealthy cycle and myth perpetuate.

Until it doesn't. Let's break free from the cycle, sharpen our awareness and come from a place of radical self-love and self-acceptance. There's a difference between guilting ourselves into change and rejecting parts of ourselves and changing for the PLEASURE of it - because we know we'll feel like our favorite self.

If you're reading this, you probably feel it in your bones that you're ready to cultivate a better relationship with your body. Our bodies are the bedrock of a juicy, magic-filled life. Our body is the foundation on which all of our dreams are built. Without a solid foundation and a sense of peace and safety in the body, life just doesn't flow. 

In this 4 week program, we will look at:

1. Awareness + acceptance

2. Action plan

3. Addressing resistance

4. Implementation

You will receive daily frequencies from my bioresonance scanner to support your body.


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