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BodyMind B A L A N C E 

Starting August 16th, this course is my gift to you when you purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit (+ 3 additional oils you'll need to cover all 7 chakras). 

Learn to use your body's energy system (the chakra system) as a framework to more deeply understand the body + mind connection.


You'll learn to use this system to start to understand where you might be getting stuck and how to move through it, and how to have more vibrant energy.

Build a solid foundation. Own your creativity. Reclaim your power. Live with love. Speak your truth. Connect with your intuition. Connect to divine intelligence.

You'll learn how to use and experiment with your essential oils to support this beautiful energy system!


This is an 8 week course...

You'll learn about your body's energy system (the chakra system), what each chakra does and how to balance them, and how to use essential oils in the process. If you truly engage in the process, you will learn to shift your energy!

The deliverables...

  • 7 modules (+ 1 bonus on how to use every oil in your kit)

  • Each module covers a chakra + essential oil to support that chakra (plus other tips & tricks!)

  • You'll receive a BEAUTIFUL essential oil kit

  • You'll have access to content forever

  • You'll be added to a Facebook group for extra support

About that beautiful oil kit...


Hello Beautiful


How this works...

The cost of enrollment for this course is simply the cost of your oils. We will use 4 oils from this starter kit, and I hand-picked 3 additional oils. Here is what we'll cover each week:

Module 1: Root chakra + Cedarwood oil

Module 2: Sacral chakra + Tangerine oil

Module 3: Solar plexus chakra + Lemon oil

Module 4: Heart chakra + Lavender oil

Module 5: Throat chakra + Peppermint oil

Module 6: Third eye chakra + Rosemary oil

Module 7: Crown chakra + Frankincense oil


How to enroll

Click this button

to be taken to the Young Living site.

  • Scroll down for kit choices. Premium Starter Kit is already selected (leave that selected). You can choose your diffuser; Desert Mist is already selected and that would be my choice.

  • Choose yes or no for Essential Rewards (there's never an obligation, but there are awesome benefits!)

  • Click "Add more products". Add these oils (using the item #s):

    • Cedarwood 15 ml 3509

    • Tangerine Vitality 5 ml 5630

    • Rosemary Vitality 5 ml 5629

  • Your cart subtotal should be $192
  • Click checkout and add your details! 

You will receive access to the course within 24 hours of purchasing your oils.


As several existing oil members reached out to me, I realized there were some oily people who already had all of the oils and wanted to participate in the course. So I decided to sell the course content alone to meet that need!


Here are the oils we'll be using:

From the Premium Starter Kit:






Additional oils:





If you have all of the oils, you are invited to enroll for just $100. If you want to hop in on this opportunity, please text me at 313.324.MELT, and I will get you set up!


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