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Harmonize Your Vibe

Babe...It's time.

It's time to get out of the cycle of stress and overwhelm, isn't it?

Are you so hard on yourself for not doing the things you KNOW you "should" be doing, but you also have no energy to even consider making those kind of changes because you're so busy caring for everyone else?!

Are you tired of your own crap yet?

Tired from repressing and avoiding emotions (because you've been around long enough to know they only come back and bite you in the booty)? Or are you letting your emotions rule you?

Do you feel stressed + guilty for taking time for yourself to do the things you know fill you up?

Maybe you feel things so deeply that your heart feels heavy and you aren't sure how to deal?

Do you feel exhausted because you're taking steps but you feel like a dang turtle and you wonder if you'll ever get there?!

If you're screaming OMG that's so me, please read on!

I found something that has helped me move through the muck of stuck emotions that I didn't even know were running in the background - and move through them lightning⚡quick. Pretty much since Covid I've had this feeling of wanting to move forward but being stuck behind the scenes, and not sure what my path forward was. I kept saying "I'm ready", yet I wasn't moving. What I realized is something I had heard but now was experiencing in a whole new way...


I believe my initial catalyst out of that state was Holy Fire III Reiki training (so I'm totally going to offer a group session to you to kick this container off). I believe Reiki cleared + prepped my energy and and paved the way for this incredible modality I stumbled on - frequency healing. Frequency healing is something you can EASILY do every day, without even thinking much about it. Wake up, pop your headphones in , and start your day with bespoke melodies 🎶 that are exactly what YOU need to balance your energy. 12 minutes in the morning. 12 minutes at night. Clear. Transform.

So how does this work? A mind-blowing healing tool called a Bioresonance scanner. The Inner Voice aspect works like this. You'll send me a 10-15 second clip of you talking (you can send on IG, FB messenger, or your phone's voice recorder). I'll put that clip into my scanner, and it will generate harmonies that you need to balance your emotions that most need support. You'll send voice clips/receive audios with your personalized frequencies by email three times a week. In addition, the group will receive a general 30 minute healing frequency broadcast once a week. 

Because I also think human connection is an important part of healing, I want us to have a group aspect as well. There will be a Facebook group for us to connect, share, and ask questions. I'll go live on Day 1 and explain what you'll receive and how it all works. Once a week we will have space for connection and questions on Zoom. I'm also going to be noticing what patterns are coming up for you (and the group as a whole), and providing any tools or techniques I think may serve us weekly.



Bullet points for my list people...


🧡First pre-recorded training + Holy Fire Healing experience drops 5/10

🧡30 days of support 5/13-6/13

🧡3x/week frequency scans with 4 audio files (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

🧡1 30 Min frequency broadcast/week

🧡1 mini training/week (based on what’s coming up for group)

🧡1x/week group call on Saturday/Sunday

EARLY BIRD PRICING $200 4/30-5/3

Price goes up to $250 5/4

Sign up here!

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