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Health Coaching

"Embrace and love your body. It's the most amazing thing you'll ever own."


6 Month Reset

Six months is the ideal program length for your first health coaching experience with Shell. Have you ever committed to a program, went crazy-town with changing ALL THE THINGS at once, only to find yourself off the wagon a few weeks or months later? Then you feel like a failure, and when you finally get the courage to start again, you don't trust yourself that you can do it, because it hasn't gone well before? Let's break that cycle, starting today. With this longer package length, you have more time to fully integrate pieces that you learn, bit by bit, until they become regular habits in your life. This is a journey, and we want to set you up for lifelong success. In a nutshell, I am your cheerleader and accountability partner on your health & wellness journey.

What are some of the things we might discuss?






Whole foods

Home cooking

What you get...

  • 50 Minute Discovery call where we get clear on your challenges and goals

  • Welcome Packet

  • Bi-monthly 50 minute sessions with me - conducted in person or via phone or Zoom

  • Unlimited e-mail support during business hours for additional guidance and questions

What is the price?

$900 for 6 months. 

Are payment plans an available?

Yes! I offer flexible payment plans that we can discuss during your discovery call.

Think this is for you? Let's schedule your free discovery call. This session will help me get to know your struggles and goals, and help us both decide if we are a fit. 

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