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A couple years ago, someone suggested that I check out the Enneagram (she was on the Enneagram train before it was "cool"). I was interested, but it wasn't quite the right time for me. Fast forward to several months ago, the Enneagram crossed my path again, and this time caught my attention in a big way. When I really dug in, it LIT me up! This time I knew instantly that I needed to learn ALL THE THINGS about the Enneagram. I am fascinated by human behavior and at one time in my life, I wanted to be a psychologist. This system for understanding our behavior fulfills a spiritual and psychological need for me.

The Enneagram is a map for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 basic personality types. I have to say it's the most helpful self-development tool that I've encountered; it has been life changing. It's a profound tool for helping you transform self-limiting behaviors (and I am in the business of transformation). This system helps you understand WHY you think, feel, and behave certain ways based on your core fears and desires. Through this tool, you can foster richer relationships with yourself, God, and others. It is SO helpful to understand the lens through which we all see the world, and know it's not the same for each of us.

I am a type 9 (Peaceful Mediator), through and through. Reading the type 9 description is like someone is literally reading my soul. It's as if all the things I knew about my personality but could never quite put into words were understood and written.

There are lots of tests you can take to get a clue about your type, but my favorite is here: You will want to take the RHETI. It's $12 and worth every penny. If you take the test, I would love it if you'd share your results!

If you would like a recommendation for a great beginner book, this is a great one:

I believe so much in the power of the Ennneagram that I'm studying to become a coach. And I know like I know like I know that lives will transform. And I won't stop until they do. Stay tuned friends. :)

Be Well,


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