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Postpartum Doula Support

Women and families need support beyond birth. We often spend so much time focusing on the pregnancy and birth that we neglect to realize how much help is needed AFTER the birth. Research shows impressive benefits to postpartum doula support:

The Research:

*Increased confidence

*Greater breastfeeding success

*Less postpartum depression


My goal is to help you enjoy the postpartum period as much as possible. To support you in this, some of my services include:

Time to Rest & Recover

I don't think the importance of this can be stressed enough. All too often, we are pressured into believing that we are doing "well" if we get our lives together quickly in the postpartum period. We are applauded for looking slim quickly or getting back to a sense of normalcy fast. I am here to support you in SLOWING DOWN and taking the time you need. I can help you ensure that important tasks get done so that you can take your time to focus on your changing life as a new family.

You can rest easy knowing that your family and household tasks will be taken care of. You can take a nap or a shower so that you can later better care for your new baby and family. When YOU are cared for well, you will have more energy and patience when you need it.

Breastfeeding Support

I will guide you in getting breastfeeding off to a good start. I can help you with comfortable positioning, and getting a good latch, as well as answering general questions that may arise. If help is needed beyond my scope of practice, I will refer you to a lactation consultant who can help you.

Infant Massage

You will learn the importance of touch and the positive impact that massage can have on your baby, and how it can enhance your bonding relationship together. You will learn a baby massage routine - I will demonstrate the routine on my practice doll, as you follow along with your infant. You will receive a handout describing the steps so you can refer back to it when I'm not there. (This service may be included within a package, or added on to a package for an additional cost.)

Postpartum Massage

In the postpartum period you may find yourself with some aches and pains and discomfort, particularly in your hips and spine. You have just lost a significant amount of weight in your midsection, and your posture will be shifting. You may also feel strain in your mid to upper back from carrying your newborn and breastfeeding. (This service may be included within a package, or added on to a package for an additional cost.)

Baby Care Education & Babywearing

I can help you learn to wear any baby carriers you may own, or loan you one of mine to try out. I can help you with day-to-day newborn tasks so that you're more comfortable and confident when I'm not there.


I can help you understand why babies act the way they do, and what is normal for baby's sleep. We can strategize your family's sleep rather than try to change normal baby sleep patterns.

Errands/Meal Prep/Light Housework

I can do quick errands or full grocery shops on my way to your home, prepare snacks and light meals for you to eat while I am there or bigger meals to eat later. I am also happy to keep your laundry moving, your kitchen counter cleared and clean, your dishes washed and put away…all of the simple tasks which keep a household running but are hard to get to when you’ve just added a new family member.

Emotional Support

I will offer support through the doubts, worries, and tensions that are bound to come up during this period. I will listen, reassure, and help you strategize.

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